Employee Wellbeing

Your business and your employees can now benefit from the low cost online Employee Support Hub, which includes fitness discounts, free wellness classes and lots of other perks to make staying healthy super easy. There’s something from everyone – from gyms, to yoga, counselling support, telephone help line therapists, to home cooking.

What is it?

The Employee Support Hub includes access to a phone line that connects you and your teammates with qualified therapists.

The service is free, confidential, and can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees with visual, hearing or speech impairments can use Next Generation Text to receive support.

Alternatively, you can log on to a special online portal and talk to a therapist through a live ‘chat’. You’ll also find a wealth of information on health and wellbeing issues.

“42% of employees have experienced at least one period of sickness absence, with 7% absent for at least one period of more than two weeks.” – DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS
What kind of support is available?

Therapists will provide emotional support with a wide range of issues, including…

  • Emotional issues, e.g. anxiety, depression, stress
  • Legal issues, e.g. employment law, family property
  • Debt management
  • Family issues, e.g. parenting, divorce and separation

To get instant access to our phone line, live ‘chat’ feature, and library of resources, simply click ‘get this perk’.

Give your team Free Perks and Well-being Support

Imperative Solutions have teamed up with Perkbox to offer your team great incentives, discounts, exclusive deals and a wide range of well-being support services.

Healthy teams are happy teams

Perkbox gives employees the education, tools and support they need to be on top form – personally and professionally.

Click on this free Workplace Wellbeing Tool from the Department for Work and Pensions to Calculate how much Stress, Presenteeism and lack of a Well-being strategy is costing your business – right now. 

  • calculate the annual cost of employee ill health, absence from work and staff turnover
  • create business cases for workplace health and wellbeing initiatives
  • estimate the return on investment of setting up a health and wellbeing programme

When you have done this – call me on 01204 598558 to explore how you can develop a cost effective solution and a well-being strategy that works for you and your people.

Healthy choices, made easy for you

These wellness perks are tailored to fit around your employees’ lives, making being healthier that little bit easier.

  • Access discounts from healthy and organic food retailers
  • Get exclusive access to the full suite of The Boxx Method workouts
  • Save up to 28% at hundreds of gyms nationwide

Click to watch the short demonstration video

Now click here – and complete the form. One of our friendly dedicated account managers will be happy to provide you all the information you need – and explain how it works so that you can make an informed choice.

Alternatively, call Graham on 01204 598558 and I will answer your questions.