What Job Fits Me?

What Job Fits Me?

Online Personality Career Assessment & Job Fit Portal

Job/Career Challenges in the 21st Century

Most people don’t really have a clear idea on what they want to do for a job/career. Recent Gallup research shows 75% of people are disengaged and in the wrong jobs/careers. This leads to lack of productivity, poor employee engagement, well-being, mental health and low business growth.

Whether you are looking for a career change and want to know what you would be suited for – or whether you are a student setting out on choosing your education/career options, it’s important to know what fits – you!

The “What job Fits Me” online portal is a tool that helps identify your true strengths and core traits (a good fit), based on Big Five Psychology and scientific algorithms?


This online career personality assessment platform has value added features that highlights what an individual’s strengths are – and what jobs they would be a good fit for, based on these core strengths.

You can also explore career paths, earnings potential, assess your own leadership and management potential, career improvement and personal development pathway.

it has been created to help schools, colleges, apprentice organisations, universities and other organisations to provide modern career support & job fit guidance – linked to real jobs.

By working together our mission is to collaborate and give free access to their choice of secondary schools in order to build positive relationships, encourage future degree course applications – and links to local employers.

“If you don’t design your own life and career plan, chances are you will be part of  someone else’s plan. And they  guess what, they are not likely to have much planned for you! Jim Rohn

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