Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation & Mindfulness for Individuals & Business

How much does it cost you each time an employee goes off sick or needs to be replaced?

Stress affects 1 in 5 of the working population, from new recruits to the directors.
Working days lost due to stress/anxiety and depression, cost UK employers £1.24 bn.

It is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK!

Whether it’s paying for loss of productivity, interim staff, or advertising, recruiting and inducting a replacement employee, employers like you recognise that looking after the health of your employees makes financial sense. And, with over 11 million working days lost to stress/anxiety and depression in 2013/4, more businesses are now realising that they need to focus on both the physical and mental health of their employees, to maintain a happy and healthy workforce and effective employee emgagement.

How can meditation and mindfulness help your business?

Meditation and Mindfulness has a significant role to play in improving your business effectiveness and keeping staff costs down. Providing meditation and mindfulness couching as an employment benefit, or as an integral part of your company’s philosophy, reflects a forward-thinking organisation and creates an attractive employment proposition.

Do you want efficient, effective employees?

Meditation and Mindfulness is an important part of well-being, mental health and stress management. By training/coaching employees to focus on the here and now, rather than the past or the future. This present moment awareness contributes to:

• Increased concentration and focus
• Better engagement in each task
• Increased creativity and inspiration
• Clarity of thought
• More effective decision-making and leadership, and so
• Increased productivity.

Concerned about staffing costs?

Investment in meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing coaching is more than offset against reduced sickness costs, employee turnover and more productivity.

benefits to your Employees:

  • improved physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • more mentally resilient as they have are more mentally resilient and focused
  • learn the tools to manage challenges at work and in their relationships
  • interact better with their colleagues through applying mindful communication
  • notice and manage any minor illnesses before they get worse
  • more aware, better able to self-manage – resulting in less time off work.
  • increases staff morale and motivation?

If your business culture embraces employee wellbeing, your employees are likely to have:

more job satisfaction
• be more loyal to your organisation
• tell others, doing your recruitment for you, and
• feel more invested in their work and your business.

Meditation and Mindfulness gives you tools and techniques to manage your stress, that will last you a lifetime.

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