Reward & Recognition

Salute and reward your Workforce

Identify and celebrate your awesome people with through the rewards hub and brand new, easy-to-use recognition platform.

Set challenges

Engage your people, promote your values, mission and your positive business culture. Challenges builds engagement for both individual and team efforts.

  • Set challenges to encourage a range of skills, from innovation to collaboration
  • Align challenges with organisational or team goals and values
  • Highlight the achievements that are often overlooked

Shine the spotlight

‘Spotlight’ lets managers showcase and reward outstanding employee contributions. Simply pick who you’d like to shine a spotlight on, write a message explaining why, and post it for all to see.

  • Shine a spotlight on individuals or teams that have gone the extra mile
  • Ensure everyone is recognised for a job well done
  • Incentivise the behaviors that achieve organisational goals

Reward the outstanding

Whether you’re incentivising high performance or hat tipping a success, our rewards hub caters for all budgets. Simply pick your reward from our selection of top-brand items and hit send.

  • Find the right reward for any occasion, from a bottle of plonk to a skydive
  • Access a hub of rewards from world-renowned brands
  • Set challenges and send rewards in real time

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