Soft Skills & Life Skills

Employers want people with Soft Skills

A new research report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)demonstrates the business case for putting soft skills at the heart of an organisation’s learning and talent development agenda.

Using the head and heart at work creates a strong business case for soft skills coaching and training.

This is an essential component of modern leadership and management skills, to drive sustainable people growth and organisation effectiveness and performance.

Getting ahead at work and achieving career/business success is not just about qualifications, education or background.

Those who really get ahead are the people who have developed the vital soft skills – such as communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork, time management and the mental resilience that everyone needs to thrive at work and beyond.

Recent shows that more than 50% research by Development Economicsof UK employers value these skills more highly than qualifications.

Almost every modern workplace, big or small, relies on team-working, good communication skills, problem solving, creativity, collaboration and customer interaction of one form or another.

75% of employers say there is already a soft skills gap in today’s workforce and economists predict that by 2020 more than half a million workers will be significantly held back by a lack of these skills. You need to take action now or your business could suffer.

With the publication of its report, the CIPD stressed that skills development alongside vocational training is crucial for economic growth.

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