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It’s Time for a Fresh Approach


My name is Graham Stuart. You can read more about my profile on the “About Me” page.

For the past 30 years I have been involved in developing several businesses (both in the UK and Overseas) so I understand the day to day challenges, mistakes, variables and the mental resilience you need to succeed. Most of us need help from time to time and having the right guidance can save you a lot of time – and money.

Through my experience and training as a Personal Development & NLP Coach,  Business Growth Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Mindfulness Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist I have been able to focus on holistically working with people (and businesses) to help them overcome mental health challenges, limiting beliefs and negative situations that hold them back – and help them to develop new ways of thinking, mental resilience, confidence, motivation. This all begins with a a personal development strategy, learning soft skills, and applying some new techniques so that you can create a Personal Success Blueprint.

All of the above (and much more) can also be incorporated into employee engagement, positive culture, growth strategy and a Business Success Blueprint.

Don’t cut the Person to Fit the Cloth

We are all unique individuals, controlled by our subconscious habits, limiting beliefs and programming (negative & positive), which run our life automatically – 95% of the time. Hence combining Personal Development with New Ways of Thinking,  Effective Business Strategies, Well-being, New Skills & Psychological Techniques will enable you and your business to thrive.  

Grow Your People – Grow Your Business

I coach/teach individuals and businesses the skills and techniques they need to grow and develop positive business cultures, mental well-being, emotional intelligence, communication skills and “21st Century” leadership and management skills. Furthermore, through my strategic partners the business can benefit from a unique suite of online platforms and cloud bases solutions that provide state of the art efficiency, productivity and business enhancement solutions.

Utilizing Technology to Understand your People and What Makes them Tick

Working with people face to face is important but we also live in the modern world and appreciate that some businesses want to use technology to give them a quick insight into people’s personalities and traits, especially when you are employing new people, building the right effective teams or want to identify management potential.

Big Five Psychology Online Psychometric Assessments & Reports Portal

We can provide you with access to an online portal (white label opportunity possible) so that you can carry out accurate and simple psychometric profiles and identify core “job fit” character traits prior to recruiting people – or to understand your existing employees.  This goes way beyond conventional DISC or MBTI profiling methods because you will also be able to identify the persons’ level of Cognitive Ability • Personality (key traits needed for success in job role) • Cognitive Ability (commensurate with what the job requires) • Attitude • Reliability • Conscientiousness • Tolerance to Stress • Potential Risks (honesty, computer abuse, bullying etc) • Leadership and Management qualities • Job Fit, Company Fit and ability to working as part of an effective team.

This online tool will enable your business to become more effective, productive, improve employee engagement and save you money by understanding and maximizing your people.

Job Fit Online Portal

We can also provide access to our “job fit” online portal (white label opportunity possible). Research tells us that around 75% of people are in the wrong jobs or careers. Not only does this adversely affect the individuals involved, it also has a negative effect on society, the economy, educational establishments and your businesses productivity. But what if it was possible to have a tool that helps identify your own and other people’s true strengths and traits (a good fit for the job), based on scientifically proven algorithms?

Everyone has a “Why”

Why do you get up in the morning? Why does your organization exist? Your Why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do. When you think, act and communicate starting with Why, you can inspire others and develop greater employee engagement.

“Success is based on “20% Mechanics – and 80% Psychology” Tony Robbins (American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach)

I work with open minded people and businesses who are serious and are looking for a fresh approach. They understand the true value of my cost effective “Accelerated Meta Change-ology” (AMC) Personal Development Coaching Programme because I work with you on a 1-2-1 basis, to help you to identify and accomplish your goals – by developing a Personal Success & Business Growth Blueprint.

“Knowing and doing is the same as not knowing”

How can AMC 1-2-1 Personal Development/NLP/Think Different & Growth Coaching help You?

  • Learn Techniques to help overcome Mental Health Challenges
  • Eliminate and Limiting Beliefs and Fears that Hold you Back
  • Develop Self Awareness, Relationships & Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve Self Esteem, Confidence & Motivation
  • Develop Mental Resilience, Well-being & Stress Control Techiques
  • Identify your “Why” and your Purpose
  • Learn how to use Mindfulness, Visualization & Guided Meditation
  • Develop Soft Skills, Body Language & Communication Skills
  • Apply 21st Century Leadership & Management Strategies
  • Become more Effective & Productive in Life
  • Develop Employee Engagement & Positive Business Culture
  • Psychometric Assessments & “Job Fit” Profiling to Build Teams
  • Understand the Law of Attraction – Identify & Achieve your Goals
  • Become Happier, more Fulfilled and Focused
  • Develop a bespoke Personal & Business Success Blueprint
  • And….Much More

When you answer these four BIG questions, you will know what to do next 

Q: What is your Number One Priority or Goal in life – right now?

Q: What is currently holding you back from getting it (or from knowing your goal)?

Q: What would it mean to you – if you could NEVER actually achieve this?

Q: Now, what would it mean to you (and those you care about) – if you COULD achieve this?

You can also watch this short video testimonial below and find out what others think….

So, if you can imagine any areas in your life or business that you would really like to improve or grow – why not take the first step right now and call me to arrange a completely FREE no obligation initial consultation (telephone, SKYPE or face to face) – so that you can find out more, have your questions answered – and then decide.

Call Graham on 07870 222771 and get all of your questions answered right now. Alternatively, drop me an email at graham@imperativesolutons.co.uk .