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It’s Time for a Fresh Approach

Hi, my name is Graham Stuart. My work over the past 30 years as a Personal Development & NLP Coach,  Business Growth Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Mindfulness Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist has been focused on holistically working with individuals. businesses and organisations to help them achieve their desired positive outcomes. This includes overcoming mental challenges, limiting beliefs and old negative habits (subconscious programming) that holds you back and developing a bespoke Success Blueprint.

When you have the right tools, techniques, strategies and new ways of thinking – you can be more inspired, aware, confident, motivated, fulfilled and able to identify and achieve your goals.

For the record, I also have many years “hands on” business development and growth experience. I also know what it’s like to make big decisions because following a profound life changing experience I chose to give up a lucrative role (and a six figure income) so that I could follow my own path, utilize my experience, ideas and skills – and provide a fresh approach to helping people.

“Don’t cut the person to fit the cloth” – Sufi saying

We are all unique individuals, controlled by our habits, limiting beliefs and subconscious programming (negative & positive), which run our life automatically – 95% of the time. That means only 5% of what we actually do is “conscious“. Once you begin to understand what makes you tick and change the old programming that holds you back you will be able to make lasting positive changes – and get the results you want. My accelerated personal development coaching will help you to do this.  

This process also works for businesses and teams who want to develop a positive business cultures or build mental resilience, 21st Century leadership and management skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills and to find your “why”. This is what increases effectiveness, productivity, engagement and underpins everything in your organisation.

When you learn these new ways of thinking and the right skills it becomes a whole lot easier to enhance your success, build relationships – and to “win out” over your competitors.

“Success is based on “20% Mechanics – and 80% Psychology” Tony Robbins (American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach)

If you have an open mind and are now ready for a fresh approach, why not explore this further and tap into my powerful (and cost effective) “Accelerated Meta Change-ology” (AMC)  Personal Development Coaching Programme, where I will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis and help you to develop your Personal Success Blueprint.

“Knowing and doing is the same as not knowing”

  • 1-2-1 (and Group) Personal Development & NLP Coaching
  • Psychometric Assessments and “Job Fit” profiling
  • Employee Engagement Strategies – develop a positive business culture
  • Mental Resilience & Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Identify Your “Why” and create a Success Blueprint (Personal & Business)
  • Mindfulness, Visualization and Guided Meditation techniques
  • Mentoring, Wellbeing and Listening Service
  • Self Awareness, Awareness of Others, Confidence, Motivation
  • Soft Skills, Body Language and Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and Relationships
  • 21st Century Leadership & Management (not the old outdated Leadership & Management)
  • Identify and Achieve your Goals
  • and Much More

Q: What is your Number One Priority or Goal in life – right now?

Q: What is currently holding you back from getting it?

Q: What would it mean to you – if you could NEVER achieve this?

Q: What would it mean to you (and those you care about) if you COULD achieve this?

Please spend a moment to watch the short video testimonial below.

If you can imagine any areas in your life or business that you would really like to improve or grow – why not take the first step now and benefit from a FREE no obligation initial consultation (telephone, SKYPE or face to face) so that you can find out more and then decide?

Call Graham on 07870 222771 right now so that you can find out more and I will also answer any questions. Alternatively, drop me an email at graham@imperativesolutons.co.uk .