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To solve any problem or challenge you must first apply the right thinking, develop a strategy… and then take appropriate action.

Welcome to Imperative Solutions, my name is Graham Stuart. Over the past 35 years I have helped develop many businesses in both the UK and overseas. One of the main lessons I have learned is that you can overcome most challenges when you fully understand the cause – and apply the right solution.

That’s why the team at Imperative Solutions is focused on providing business support that is most relevant to help with your specific situation.

This is not rocket science – it just requires a different perspective, new ways of thinking… and a bit of common sense.

“Success is 20% Logistics and 80% Psychology”

Our psychological, holistic and flexible approach means that we are able to provide key solutions to help most businesses (and their people) become more effective, profitable and resilient: 

  • Business Development Support & Networking
  • Well-Being & Business Culture Coaching
  • Personal & Business Growth Mentoring
  • Personal Development, Well-Being, NLP & Communication Skills 
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Recover 60% – 70% From Business Energy Bills – No Win, No Fee 
  • Resolve Business Dispute Claims – No Win, No Fee 

Check Out The Testimonials And Short Video Below: 

"Having met Graham Stuart more than once I am sure that he can help you and your business" - Roy Cavanagh MBE (Seddon Construction)

"Graham is a very effective, helpful and very creative thinker who exceeded my expectations" - Dr David .H. (Environmental Consultant)

"It all came together for me like a jigsaw puzzle that made perfect sense and felt right" - Catheryne R. (Director)

"The coaching programme we undertook for our accountancy firm was different from the norm and extremely beneficial. We have since utilised this within our business with a great degree of success. I would not hesitate to recommend Graham to other like-minded business owners who are looking to develop further." - Dale P. (Director & Chartered Accountant)

"When I first contacted Graham I was struggling with motivation and Graham helped me to gain clarity. If you’re currently in the same position then I suggest you contact him immediately to see where he can help you" - Steve M (Director)

"It was refreshing to work with someone who is humble, has no ego and yet is a creative entrepreneurial thinker that gets things done. Graham opened my eyes to new possibilities that I had never even considered before." 
- Steve D. (Carbon Offset & Agri Business)

"When I first approached Graham with a tentative enquiry I was pleasantly surprised to meet someone who did not try to sell anything to me. I was also surprised to discover that Graham has such a wide range of experience working overseas in many different sectors, which put a new slant on things." - Steve D. (Director)  

"Each session re-enforced the learning's from the previous one. The visualisation technique session in particular had profound results for me"
- Barry R. (Director, I.T. Company)

"The goal setting techniques will have a positive impact on my business" - Sue S. (MD, Health & Safety Training Company)

"Being able to change the way I think and become more effective and productive will help me to achieve my goals" - Paula S. (MD, I.T. Consultancy)

"Graham's coaching has enabled me to have more confidence and a positive outlook on my work life" - Rowena W. (Therapist and Business Developer)

"Graham has been a great support for both my clients and myself. He has mentored many of our mentees and provided expert guidance in many areas; tackling the BIG issues surrounding personal and business development.

Graham has helped me personally and his skills have enabled me to become a better decision maker and to be more productive. I simply can’t put a price on the support he has given me. However, this testimonial may go some to way to say "thank you so much" for being a great influence for my clients (and my) development.

Graham is professional, skilled, works ethically and confidentially - highly recommended" - Andy Hall, Mentoring Development Executive at Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub

Please Watch The Short Video Below 

Next Steps

Why not find out more and arrange a FREE initial discovery call so that we can have a friendly chat and discuss opportunities?

Just call Graham on 0345 340 4326 |07870 222771 now or drop me an email to graham@imperativesolutions.co.uk   

Please Note; As an experienced, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach I also run a private practice helping people that need holistic therapy or well-being support in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire or remotely wherever you are located.  

For further details please visit my separate therapy website  www.mindbodyhypnosis.co.uk or call on 0345 340 4326 | 07870 222771.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn