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  • Switch to 100% Renewable Energy At Wholesale Price

Over the past several decades we have seen many changes, but the basis of everything we do is still is based on integrity and old school values – because that’s what we believe in.  As business sustainability consultants and a “single point solutions provider” we offer a fresh approach – saving you time and money.

Through our Green Fund partners, Renewable Energy Generators and a team of Industry Specialists, our commitment is to help forward thinking businesses access the options available to them – so that they can become more profitable, sustainable, reduce carbon footprint, increase social values proposition – and make a Positive Environmental Impact on the Planet.  

Through the Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) we also provide FREE business support, sustainability consultancy, energy bill analysis, green technology guidance, “fully funded” solar installations and 100% Renewable Green Energy – to help reduce emissions and accelerate Net Zero targets.

Switch to 100% Renewable Green Energy – At Low Fixed Prices

Your business can now benefit from reduced electricity costs – by switching to 100% Renewable Green Energy, provided directly through local commercial generators (Wind/Solar/Anaerobic Digestion/Hydro) at fixed low prices.

This is a “game changer” because it allows you to secure, fix and future proof your energy contracts in advance – for between 1-5 years:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Future Proof and Save on Business Energy Costs
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Become a more Sustainable Business
  • Accelerate Net Zero Targets
  • Enhanced Social Values Proposition
  • Make Positive Environmental Impact
  • Show Customers and Staff that you Care
  • Attract and Win New Business

100% Fully Funded & Maintained – Business Solar Installations

Solar PV systems are now so technically advanced they can be installed on all types off roof spaces to generate clean renewable on site power for your business throughout the whole year. 

Research shows that while many businesses would like to have soler energy, financing the installation of green technology is often a challenge. However, through our Green Fund partners, eligible businesses are now able to take advantage of FREE “fully funded” and maintained commercial solar installations – without any capital outlay involved. 

This opportunity is supported by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that enables your business to benefit from low electricity generation, typically between 12p-15p per kwh for up to 25 years. This means that you can future proof your business and avoid unpredictable energy prices from the grid:

  • Fully Funded – No capital outlay involved
  • Insured and fully maintained
  • Reduce and Future Proof your Electricity Costs
  • Sustainable On-Site – 100% Renewable Green Energy
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint and Emissions
  • Accelerate Net Zero Targets

Export Tariff – Get Paid For Generating Surplus Energy

Whether your business already has a Solar PV system installed or not, we can ensure that you receive additional income payment for any surplus solar energy you generate on site – instead of it going back to the gid with nothing in return. 

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP can also be potentially included with solar in a PPA. Our Gas Engine CHP solution is used to provide power to a site when renewables alone aren’t sufficient. Engines offer vast cost savings by converting gas to electricity.  Balancing cost savings of CHP and carbon savings of renewables allows optimisation of a bespoke solution that offers both reduced carbon emissions and significant cost savings.

Green Electric Vehicles – Salary Sacrifice Schemes

As part of our mission to help UK businesses lower their emissions and make positive environmental impact we work closely with a leading employee benefits and salary sacrifice expert partner – to provide fully managed Electric Vehicle schemes.

The process ensures minimal admin for the employer so that they can offer electric flex and pre-contract vehicles to their employees – as part of their employee benefits, CSR & Social Values proposition.

What is a Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

The perfect scheme to get your employees into electric and hybrid cars. The employee meets all costs from gross salary, saving tax, NI and other savings with no cost nor leaver risk for the business.

The scheme allows employees to exchange part of their gross salary for a brand-new car, with everything included from maintenance to tyres to insurance. Because they pay from their pre-tax salary, their take-home pay is reduced, meaning they save on their monthly tax and NI contributions.

This is the ideal opportunity (and cheapest option) for businesses to help reduce their employee transport emmissions and get tthem into cleaner and greener motoring. 

Free Car Charging Point For Your Business

Once 5 members of your team have taken electric cars, we ramp up the engagement. With your approval, you can have a two-port 22kWh charger, adding 200 miles in 3 hours. Just to sanity check this, the typical employee drives 200 miles a week. So, 3 hours at the office could allow your colleagues to charge for a week’s worth of driving!

To find out how we can help your business to become more sustainable, profitable and greener please contact us for a FREE consultation or arrange a face to face site visit now, without obligation.

You have nothing to lose… and a lot to gain. 

Just call Graham now on 0345 340 4326 or 07870 222771 or drop an email to graham@imperativesolutions.co.uk 

You can also connect with Graham on LinkedIn