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It’s Time for a Fresh Approach

My name is Graham Stuart. I believe that we are all defined by our standards, our thinking our decisions – and keeping our word when the chips are down. In 2012 I had a life changing experience. Having helped to develop a £26m sales channel and grow a business – I gave up six figure income, because my business partners didn’t share the same values. Some people might call this crazy, but I call it integrity.

Instead, I decided to follow my purpose and harness 30 years business experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Personal Development, L&M, Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meditation and holistic modalities – to work with and help like-minded individuals, business owners, managers & entrepreneurs to become happier, fulfilled and successful.

As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist I combine holistic psychological modalities and coaching techniques to help you change the old negative limiting beliefs and mental blocks that hold you back (subconscious programming) – so that you can learn how to become more successful, confident, focused, mentally resilient, fulfilled, achieve meaningful goals and become happier in all areas of your life.

Key areas of People Growth and Business Growth:

PEOPLE & PERSONAL GROWTH – combining coaching with holistic modalities (where appropriate) to accelerate Awareness, Soft/Life Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Leadership & Management, Well-being, Mental Resilience, Purpose, Fulfillment, Focus, Creative Thinking, Personal Development strategies – and techniques to help Goal identification and achievement.

IDENTIFY CORE TRAITS & JOB FIT BENCHMARK (RECRUITMENT & HR SUPPORT) – benefit from our scientifically validated tools and online platform that will enable you to recruit, manage and maximize the potential of your employees. These  psychometric tools (based on modern Big 5 Psychology) are bench-marked against 150 job fit roles – so that you can accurately identify a person’s core inner traits (more than personality) to determine attitude, reliability, conscientiousness, engagement, personality, emotional intelligence, values, leadership potential, mental resilience – and potential risk traits, such as potential disruption, anger, computer misuse, substance misuse, sexual harassment, honesty etc

BUSINESS GROWTH – working together we apply new ideas, skills, processes, creative thinking, people development, business culture and psychological growth strategies to develop a positive business culture – and help your business to grow.


“Having met Graham Stuart I am sure that he can help you” – Roy Cavanagh MBE (Seddon Construction)

“Graham is a very effective coach and exceeded my expectations” – Dr D.H. (Environmental Consultant)

“Each session re-enforced the previous session. The visualization technique had profound results”  – Mr B.R – (I.T. Director)

“It all came together like a jigsaw puzzle” – Mrs C.R. (MD – Training Business)

How I can help you – coaching and mentoring with a difference

“Success is based on “20% Mechanics – and 80% Psychology” Tony Robbins (American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach)

I combine a blend of coaching, strategies and holistic modalities to help you reprogram the subconscious negative habits, limiting beliefs and mental strategies that control your life – and produce the results you are experiencing right now.

you can now benefit from my cost effective and bespoke “Accelerated Meta Change-ology” (AMC) Personal Development & Business Coaching Program with 1-2-1 focused face to face support. Please note that if you are an eligible SME based in Lancashire or Greater Manchester this may also be part or fully funded for you.

A Single Point of Access Provider 

The modern world puts many demands on individuals and businesses who want to save time – and money. That’s why I have developed a Single Point of Access. All coaching and mentoring support is delivered by myself. However, I also have a team of trusted specialist colleagues who can provide a range of value added services and solutions to help your business grow:

  • Personal Development, NLP, L&M Coaching & Mentoring
  • Mental Resilience, Stress Management & Well-being Coaching
  • Soft/Life Skills, Relationship Building & Communication Skills Coaching
  • Big 5 Psychometric Personality & Job Fit Profiling Online Tools
  • Recruitment, HR Support & Employee Engagement
  • Organisational Development & Employee Retention
  • Online Tools & Assessments (White Label available)
  • Employee Profiling, Appraisals & Career Mapping
  • and much more

please watch this short video testimonial below ….

I work with integrity, honesty, enthusiasm and humor (I’m also a nice friendly guy – even if I do say so myself) and I believe that experiential learning is by far the best way to grow.

The future lies in co-operation and building relationships with the right people – so why don’t we have a phone chat or grab a coffee to see if we can help each other.  Then you can decide for yourself. 

we all need a little help sometimes – so call me now on: 07870 222771 or drop me an email at graham@imperativesolutions.co.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you.