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    It's time to explore a Fresh Approach!

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    It's time to explore a Fresh Approach!

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    It's time to explore a Fresh Approach!

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    It's time to explore a Fresh Approach!

It’s Time for a Fresh Approach

“Our Success in Life, Career and Business depends on our own Personal Development and Mental Resilience. In order to change the results we are currently experiencing – we must first learn how to change our habits, limiting beliefs and subconscious programming – which controls around 95% of what we do on a daily basis.”

Hello, my name is Graham Stuart. I am a Personal Development Coach (Group and 1-2-1) and Clinical Hypnotherapist. My work involves teaching & helping individuals and businesses to make a positive “breakthrough” and Personal Success Blueprint.

I can also help you develop new business cultures, share profit making business growth strategies and help inspire the leadership teams, which ultimately enables your people and your business to become more effective, productive and profitable.

You will learn how to overcome negative limiting beliefs, improve confidence, motivation, relationships, happiness, awareness, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, success – and to become more successful and achieve your goals

When you have a Personal Development strategy and a bespoke Success Blueprint you become more empowered to control your life, manage stress and overcome that feeling of anxiety you get when you are stuck on a hamster wheel.

you can now take the next step to learn new ways of thinking and overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Whether you want to improve your own personal well-being or you want to enhance the skills and mental resilience of employees – you now have a unique opportunity to benefit and move to the next level.

Q: What is your Number One Priority in life?

Q: What is holding you back from getting it?

To demonstrate my commitment to helping you, for a limited period I am now offering you a valuable 1-2-1 coaching session – completely FREE of charge. This will help you to get a better understanding on how you can achieve your full potential.

Success is 80% Psychology, and 20% Mechanics”  – Tony Robbins. 

amc-new-logoHere are a few testimonials:

“Graham is a very effective trainer and Mentor and the AMC© Training exceeded my expectations” – Mr D.S. (MD of Environmental Company)

“The need  for specific training to teach Personal Development, Mental Resilience, Life Skills, Emotional Intelligence and 21st Century Leadership & Management became clear at a recent business summit.  I believe this subject is vital to so many people that an urgent appraisal is badly needed. Having met Graham Stuart I am sure that he can help meet your concerns.” – Roy Cavanagh MBE

“Each training session re-enforced the learning’s from the previous session. The visualisation technique session had profound results for me” – Mr B.R. (Director of I.T Company)

“The goal setting and visualisation techniques will have a positive impact on my business” – Mrs S.S. (MD of Health & Safety Training Company)

I learned how to overcome limiting beliefs, develop new positive habits and found my WHY. It all came together like a jigsaw puzzle in the final training session”  – Mrs C.R. (MD of Occupational Health Training Business)

“Being able to change the way I think and become more effective and productive will help me to achieve my goals” – Mr P.S. (MD of I.T Consultancy)

“Graham’s training has enabled me to have a positive outlook on my work life” – Mrs R.W. (Therapist and Business Developer)

If you are ready to make your breakthrough and want to develop your own Personal & Business Success Blueprint you will probably need a little help. Before you decide, spend a moment to watch the short video testimonial below. Testimonial from Andy Hall Mentoring Development Executive at GM Business Growth Hub – September 10, 2015, 2:07 PM

“Graham has been a great support for both my clients and myself. He has mentored many of our mentees and has provided expert guidance in many areas; business growth, strategy, confidence and tackling the BIG issues surrounding personal and business development. By giving his time to those who need it most demonstrates his strong ethics and values.

Graham has helped me personally and his skills have enabled me to become a better decision maker and to be more productive. I simply can’t put a price on the support Graham has given me. However, this testimonial may go some to way to say “thank you so much” for being a great influence for my clients (and my) development.

Graham is professional, skilled, works ethically and confidentially – highly recommended”

So the real question is now….are you ready to change your life results, maximise your opportunities and your potential success?

Go ahead and call me directly on 01204 598558 right now so that I can answer your questions or drop me an email through the website contact page.

You may also like to explore the mp3 guided meditation downloads by clicking on the logos/links below or download the Mind Goals Lite Mobile App.