Dr Gary Daniel’s Daily Tune-Up

Have you done a good job with your life?

The video below features my good friend and colleague Dr Gary Daniel PhD, who is based in California, USA. We often share ideas on personal development, life strategies and self-healing. In this video Gary answers a question I wanted to share “Have you done a good job with your life?”- and gives us some very simple advice on how to manage situations that we all experience.

Dr Gary runs a successful holistic practice and is recognized for his work in the field of behavioral science. he is also an experienced broadcaster and a published co-author with Deepak Chopra, Bernie Seigle, Dean Ornish and others, in a book entitled “The Heart of Healing”, from Elite Books. This powerful book is a testimony to the work Dr Gary is creating in the next generation of personal development and healing.

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Enjoy the video.

Graham Stuart