Business Sustainability Support

Attract More Business and Demonstrate your Green Credentials

Whatever you may think about climate change it’s clear that helping to reduce polution and emissions can have a positive impact on the environment and we believe that it’s important for the planet.

This is a view held by many people now, including our future business leaders and Generation Z consumers.

From a viable business perspective becoming a sustainable green organisation makes commecial sense because you can reduce operating costs, increase productivity and show people that you care.

The Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) has been established to provide FREE business sustainability support, options and guidence on the practical steps to take so that your business can save time and money.

By understanding the “quick wins” and options you will be able to make informed decisions and develop a viable strategic plan to improve business growth. Whether we like it or not, the Net Zero agenda is being driven by governments and demonstrating this to customers and supply chains will become more demanding going forward.

  • Understand how climate change and carbon footprint impacts the environment, businesses and supply chains
  • Options and actions available to reduce your business carbon footprint
  • Calculate your footprint in order to reach net-zero targets
  • Identify practical steps to deliver cost effective resource efficiency improvements
  • Switch to 100% Renewable Energy and reduce business costs
  • Recognise the impact of transport emissions and compare the options and incentives for sustainable travel choices
  • Engage your Workforce – Develop a Green Team
  • Proactively engage with staff to support your Net Zero Strategy
  • Develop an effective staff engagement programme
  • Identify your significant impacts and prioritise areas for action
  • Create and implement a bespoke environmental policy statement

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