Job Fit & Personality Assessments

According to recent research by CIPD and other organisation – up to 75% of people are actually in the wrong job! This frightening statistic may partly explain why there is so much stress, poor mental health, lack of productivity and poor engagement in many workplaces.
One question to ask is; would the same number of people still be in the wrong job if modern Big 5 psychology personality profiling tools had been used?
According to research, many HR and Psychology professionals are still using  conventional personality profiling tools such as DISC and Myers Briggs (MBTI) which have been around for decades. However, DISC regarded as narrow and limited (iPsative) and MBTI was created by a mother and daughter in 1949 (70 years ago) to help find the ideal husband for the daughter.
While DISC and MITB respectively have their purpose – they are not regarded as scientifically based on the five factor model. 
This is important when you consider that Psychologists have deciphered 5 basic types of personality known as the ‘Big 5 personality traits’, which describe the qualities of a person – and helps identify his or her behavior, which is an important factor in our modern and ever changing work environment etc:  
  1. Extraversion
  2. Neuroticism
  3. Agreeableness
  4. Conscientiousness
  5. Openness to experience

By using our Big Five Psychology modern online assessment/profiling tools you can measure the employee’s skills or abilities, required to perform effectively in their job role. Knowing if they have the right aptitude and ability to do the job saves time, money and avoids costly mistakes.

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1.  Personality Assessment– measures the key traits needed for success in any job role by using ‘Big Five’ traits derived from 16 Personality Factors psychology – a recognised industry-standard for personality assessment. Note that in many psychometric assessments (other than tests) the person can respond in a way which may be distorted, unnatural or ‘faked’. However the Big 5 system contains sophisticated algorithms and checks to clearly identify good impression and exaggeration in the candidate’s responses and validity – an important consideration when making recruitment decisions about candidate suitability.

2.  Cognitive Ability Test– measures problem solving and learning speed by assessing verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning, then combining them to create one overall cognitive ability score.

3.  Job Fit Profile– This report describes the person’s personality traits (based on industry-standard ‘Big 5’ personality factors). It describes how the person naturally prefers to approach their work, an important element in job performance. From this report employers may determine the person’s personality ‘fit’ from our library of over 140 benchmarks, each of which contains the basic competencies required for the various roles.

4.  Attitude Assessment– This assesses an individual’s ‘fit’ with working culture and role by measuring up to six areas of potentially counterproductive work behaviors as well a Good Impression (validity) scale. The scales measured Conscientious (Dependability), Hostility, (Aggression), Integrity (Honesty) & Good Impression (this validity scale measures the degree a person has responded to truthfully or in such a way as to make a good impression). NB: the modular attitude assessment has four “core” scales, plus three additional scales that can be added as needed; Substance AbuseSexual Harassment, Computer Misuse.

5.  Engagement Report– This report measures the current level of commitment or motivation an individual has towards their current job and employer.

Individuals that are highly engaged with their job are typically inspired to go above and beyond their job description to help meet business goals.

Individuals who are highly engaged with their employer tend to be loyal to their employers and see their job as a source of pride and enjoyment.

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