100% Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) initiative has been established to provide information, guidance and facilitation of appropriate bespoke energy saving for businesses and organisations who want to reduce costs and their carbon footprnt. Our team of holistic minded industry professionals and strategic partners have decades of experience in project management, consultancy, renewable energy, business development and sustainability.

This includes the facilitation of fully funded Solar Installations supported by Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for eligible businesses.

By working with the Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) your business will have the support it needs to accelerate Sustainability, reduce Carbon Footprint, improve profitability and accelerate achiving Net Zero targets.

Welcome To The Future Of UK Business Energy

Whether or not you have solar installed right now – your business can still enjoy the many benefits from switching to 100% renewable (Solar/Wind/Hydro) sourced electricity, which provides you with “low cost” wholesale pricing (currently the flexible offer is at 29p) – and a dedicated account manager to support you.

100% Green Energy = Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Most Businesses are desperate to take control of their energy costs, reduce their bills and improve profitability. The good news is that we can now offer your business a “win, win” situation and make it transparent for you to access directly sourced renewable energy generators – without any intermediary involvement or hidden charges being added.

What does this mean?

If your current energy contract is due for renewal within the next 6 months you we can help you to access a “transparent” fixed rate green energy tariff (approximate unit price of 29p) fixed for 1, 3 or 5 years. This can be set up immediately so that it comes into effect seamlessly when your current contract expires.

Earn additional income from your surplus energy

In addition to this, businesses with solar energy can take advantage of an attractive “export tariff” and sell their surplus energy to renewable generators who are waiting to purchase. Currently the export rate you can be paid is between 9.5p – 12.5p.

Manage & Control Your Business Energy & Costs

You will have access to a secure dashboard (accessible on any device) so that you can track your energy management.

There is no direct competitor to this solution which combines technical excellence with commercial insight. This is an opportunity for you and your business organisation to take back control for good!

Call Graham on 0345 340 4326 or 07870 222771 for further information.